Business Etiquette


Etiquette skills in business are essential due to the global economy's demands on executives to be sensitive to foreign cultures but also because businesses are seeking ways to be more competitive in the market. When a business takes time to train their employees on the intricacies of foreign protocol, foreign clients notice and respond. When employees know how to handle themselves in any situation, clients notice and feel that their business will be handled with the same correctness.


Allure Etiquette Consulting will teach you or your employees:

-Telehone / Email etiquette

-Behavior at Business meetings

-The art of introductions

-Business Cards etiquette


-Corporate gift giving etiquette

-Business dining etiquette

-Conversation skills.

International Etiquette


Wether you are doing business overseas or hosting a guest from another country, it is always good for you to have a knowledge of what is appropriate to do or say and what is not.


Allure Etiquette Consulting will therefore help you with:

-Status and forms of address

-Proper attire

-The art of introductions

-Gift giving

-Dining customs

Social Etiquette


Good manners are in decline but you can still stand out and make the difference by knowing what is the proper way to behave in any situation.


Allure Etiquette Consulting teaches you:

-Dining etiquette

-Telephone etiquette

-Conversation skills

-How to be a good host

-How to be a polite guest

-How to make toasts

-The art of introductions

Children Etiquette


As time goes by, it is becoming more and more difficult tor have our children making the difference between good and bad behaviours.

Despite all our efforts at home to teach them the good way, as soon as they step out, plenty of examples of what to not say or what to not do are here for them to see and hear. 


Allure makes learning good manners a pleasant process, from pre-schoolers to high-school seniors, they will learn or improve how to:

-address adults

-introduce friends

 but also:

-table manners 

-telephone etiquette