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Nadia Ayachi Kabongo

Certified Etiquette Consultant


Driven by her passion for good manners, Nadia helps you becoming the best version of yourself through online or in-person consultations.


Certified since 2015, she added in 2018 a training in french "Art de Vivre", taught by French Etiquette Expert France de Heere in Versailles. 


Until this day, Nadia continues to educate herself through books and complementary trainings to make sure she delivers nothing but excellence to her clients.

"I am a Certified Etiquette Consultant. My role is to equip people with the essential skills to become a better version of themselves in their careers but also in their lives. 

I offer guidance to people who would like to conduct themselves with poise by teaching them everything they require to know according to their needs: from dining etiquette, conversations skills, the art of making introductions to hosting a party, being a polite guest and how to behave in a business meeting, etc


I am delighted when I know that because of my input, my clients are now confident and successful in every situations they encounter."

- Nadia Kabongo